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Have your website or blog hosted on the Shared server? Do you really worry of your Website SEO performance? Let’s find out the answer here.

If you are the beginner in the Hosting Industry & not aware of shared hosting server – A hosting server- where upto 200-300 client websites sharing the single hosting server and thus sharing the same I.P.

Google has certain limitations for indexing or ranking your website on its search results. It calculates based on your server IP reputation. Hence, if any 5-6 clients hold malware or fish kind of websites on this shared server, it might affect your ranking as well. I.P. reputation. Email is the worst case if someone sharing your IP gets blocked for spamming or bulk emailing, that block will affect your emails too from blocking. Hence, before opting for a shared hosting service, you need to check the server security or green hosting packages from the providers.

I suggest opting for a dedicated IP address additionally on the shared server or look for a Reliable hosting service provider who will strictly monitor or optimize server from being hacked or malware & fishy. Some hosting providers will provide free dedicated IP along with their shared hosting packages. If not, you can pay for the same, if you are really worried about running a professional website, it matters you to get a Dedicated IP additionally. This way, for Google and for outside World your website treated as on your on different I.P and can reduce cost by hosting on a shared server using a dedicated IP address.