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All of you want your websites and posts to go viral. For getting good traffic, viewers to your website, you must integrate social share buttons on your website and blogs. Social share plugins put a variety of loads on a site including adding more JavaScript, CSS (style sheets), images, and even additional requests to external domains. It is very important to check our website becomes slow or not once we add these plugins.

By integrating social bookmarking and sharing buttons, you will let your readers quickly share your blog posts on their favorite social networking sites. This will help you to drive more traffic from social media sites and it helps to improve your search engine ranking.

Here I am presenting you a solution for adding floating social media sharing buttons. Using this plugin, you can add social media sharing buttons to both your desktop and mobile site. This plugin supports all popular social media buttons. Important thing is that it never slow down your website or it never affects your design. It will float on your website’s left side area.

Copy and paste this code on your website where you want to show the share button. The best method is adding this code in the common header area so that it will display in all your pages and thereby viewers can able to share any of the pages.


Copy and Paste below script in your website file anywhere, preferably inside the <head> tag